Pull-Up Workshop
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Pull-Up Workshop

  • Floyd Factor

Pull-ups are one of the most beneficial and functional exercises a person can do. 

A pull-up is a compound exercise that involves a large number of big and small muscles, most notably your latissimus dorsi (lats) and biceps. In addition to working multiple muscles at the same time, the pull-up is also a multi-joint movement, an exercise that causes more than one joint to move. It can be done anywhere from a gym, to a park and because of its functionality that's why it's so important to know how to do a pull-up properly. 

This exercise also happens to be highly intimidating for most people. It takes time, practice and good instruction. That's where we come in! 

Join us this Saturday at 10am for a pull-up workshop and learn how to do a pull-up (modified as needed) and improve your overall strength and confidence in that movement. The workshop will be taught by our own trainer Patrick who has significant experience in teaching. 

This workshop is for the following candidates: any member (10$) or non member (20$) who has no prior experience with pull-ups wanting to learn the basics, anyone who currently uses bands for assistance who's goal it is to get an unassisted pullup, anyone who can already do a pull-up but knows the importance of extra help or tips! Basically, EVERYONE should come! Be ready to work that upper body!

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Floyd Factor Ultimate Athlete Throwdown

Come join us and put your athleticism to the ultimate test as you go up against some awesome local competition! This throwdown will be compiled of three WODs, both scaled and RX. Top 3 teams will go to the championship fourth WOD! 


3 Divisions: 

  1. Men RX team 
  2. Women RX team 
  3. Scaled 

Prizes will be given out out for the winners of the men's and women's RX divisions. 

This is going to be super fun with WODs anyone can do so don't be scared and sign up with a friend! If you want to participate but don't have a  partner we can match you with someone. $100 per team


Max Reps Front Squats  in 5 minutes

  • RX 185 men, women 95lbs
  • Scaled men 115 lbs, women 65 lbs


10 BB Deadlift

  • RX 185 lbs Men, women 135 lbs
  • Scaled 135 lbs men, women 95 lbs

10 Wall Balls

  • RX men 20lbs, women 15 lbs
  • Scaled men 15lbs, women 10lbs

10 Toes to Bar

10 Box jump overs

  • RX men 24". women 20" 
  • Scaled step over




50 DB Cleans

  • RX men 45 lbs, women 30 lbs
  • Scaled men 30 lbs, women 20 lbs  

50 Hands Up Push-ups

50 Goblet Squats

  • RX men 53 lbs, women 36 lbs
  • Scaled men 36 lbs, women 26 lbs

4 x 200 M Run

Feb 12

New Year...New You 28 Day Transformation Challenge

Winner: $500 Cash prize 

Cost: $79

  • Unlimited Group Training

  • 4-Weeks of Incredible (Dietitian Approved) Meal Plans

  • 37-Page Recipe Book

  • Weekly Grocery Lists

  • Complete Success Manual

  • 28 Daily Inspirational Texts & Facebook Post

  • Accountability Check-ins

10:00 am10:00

Goal Setting Workshop

This ONE Strategy Makes You 42% More Likely to Blow Past Your Goals This Year.


I like the quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.” Therefore, if you want to create real change, you need to try something new! Having a weight loss goal is good, but having a proven strategy and step-by-step process to reach it is better!

Imagine how it would feel to FINALLY be in control of your health and your body again.  How would it feel to have energy for the entire day?  How would it feel to go out with your friends and not feel self-conscious anymore…but feel confident and AMAZING!

In this totally free live workshop, I will share my top 5 strategies that our members use to make their transformation goals completely Quit-Proof and entirely painless.  And I can assure you, it’s not what you think.